ISO 22000:2018

Food Safety Management System

Standards of the ISO 22000 group were conceived under the will of adapting ISO 9001 quality standards, that are related to business management, to the food sector.“(…) the experts decided to analyze which companies got ahead despite adversities (…)”

ISO 22000 standard is applicable to any organization related to the food chain, from primary production, to packaging manufacturing or distribution, and that is why it is one of the most versatile and widely adopted standards, due to its advantage of integrating with standards ISO 9001 and 14001 (for environmental management.)

These modifications to its structure and some requirements of its 2018 version have been devised with the aim of improving the implementation versatility of the requirements for quality management and continuous improvement.

Main changes in the requirements
of ISO 22000:2018. standard

The changes affecting the new revision are focused on:

  • Making the standard more concise and handleable, in short, more easily implementable in the management systems of any type of company within the food chain; therefore, making it easily integrable with other standards.
  • Clarifying the use of terms associated with the prerequisite programs, Operating prerequisite programs, and PCCs.
  • Offering clear guidance towards the risk management approach of the management system, breaking this approach down into two different aspects:
    • Risk management inherent in the company.
    • Food risk management.
  • In the new version, alignment with what was established by the CODEX is improved.
  • The documentary requirements become more flexible and the obligatory nature of certain procedures and records disappears, (the manual on food safety management is no longer mandatory, unlike in previous versions of 9001 and 14001.)
  • When distinguishing between company risk and food risk, two PDCA diagrams can be established: one of them would have an impact on food safety improvement, while the other would be oriented to the operational improvement of the company.

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