What is quality management software?

During our process with different organizations, we have found a series of myths and legends associated with quality management software and a series of errors, which we have set out to challenge.

And to start this series of articles, we want to clarify that it is a quality management software.

Quality management software is essentially a business management system that has a set of tools that manage internal quality policies and standard operating procedures. Including documents, ISO requirements management, Audits, Risk Management, non-conformities and any specific industry regulations. (For example requirements of Invima, FDA)

These must allow the order and continuous improvement of the processes, based on the institutionalization, evaluation, incident management and improvement actions, complying with the PHVA Cycle. Enabling in an agile way the control and monitoring of all defined tasks and decision making.

Truth be told, a quality management software should not contain all the points of the standard, it is not necessary; There are activities that can be carried out with traditional methods.

Main benefits * of quality management software:

  1. Order
  2. Integration of information
  3. Access, management and monitoring online.
  4. Easy consultation
  5. Paper reduction
  6. Information security
  7. Decision making.

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