Daruma SGC

QMS Healthcare

Daruma® for healthcare sector, university hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratory, medical centers, groups of healthcare institutions. Quality management aimed at safe patient care, model compliance, and specific criteria for the sector such as SOGC, PAMEC, Colombian accreditation and SiNaCEAM accreditation. 



definition, publication and easy maintenance of policies, procedures and medical guidelines are essential for the appropriate health service provision and operation of administrative processes.

Document management
documentation and appropriate publishing of policies, procedures and medical guidelines is fundamental for their execution
it is necessary to define performance indicators for administrative processes, assistance and their services in order to supervise fulfillment of the institution objectives.
manage patient safety by identifying and treating risks.
Daruma SGC para el Sector Salud - QMS Salud - Definición


Has it ever happened that something planned was not executed, or at least not as expected? This is why it is necessary to verify the compliance degree of execution vs. planning.

insure compliance of the defined guidelines, adopted management models, and valid regulations
insure compliance of the minimum criteria for health service provision.
assess and discover opportunities that will allow the institution taking patient safety to a new level.
Risks and indicators
assess process performance and the behavior of defined risks.
assess the relationship with your providers and the value generation for the company objectives.


There are several reasons to why undesired situations may occur which have an impact on process execution, service provision and the institution security. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the culture of reporting, analyzing and improving, regarding processes, suppliers and customers.

strengthen the culture of reporting, analyzing and treating nonconformities detected in services and products provided.
manage patient satisfaction by listening and managing their opinions in order to improve processes and services.
manage dispute processes, control expenses and search the history.
Daruma SGC para el Sector Salud - QMS Salud - Acciones


improvement sources are numerous and actions for change are plenty. The implementation of improvement actions is the heart to every management system, which is also considered a critical point.

of the assessment results and the reported situations, which allows determining the controls and barriers that failed to prevent them as well as the factors that contributed to them.
implement improvement and reach objectives successfully by integrating different initiatives to the continuous improvement program.