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We transform the management of critical points of the improvement models to enhance the productivity of people and the competitiveness of organizations through technological solutions.

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Manual labor and lack of traceability when managing improvement models may frustrate employees and generate cost overruns to the companies.


Daruma changes people’s management activities by simplifying them in order to connect with an improvement culture.

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Quality Management in Health

Improves the quality of health care.
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Quality Management in Industry and Services

Improves the quality of critical processes and systems.


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Patient Safety:

Facilitate a culture of reporting and learning from mistakes to minimize the occurrence of unnecessary or preventable harm to your patients and achieve humane care.


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for providing people and organizations with better outcomes.

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“The Daruma software has facilitated the operation of results-oriented management, through planning, execution, monitoring and accountability with the action plans module, which has allowed constant monitoring and has empowered collaborators in their role as responsible for actions to leverage the strategic direction of the organization, of course, an additional key point is the commitment of senior management to the use of the application” 

Processes coordinator
Processes coordinator Imbanaco Medical Center

“Without Daruma it would have been impossible to achieve significant advances in the quality system to achieve accreditation; document and indicator management without Daruma would be very complex”

Quality manager
Quality managerCaribbean Ophthalmological Clinic

“The Daruma software has facilitated the improvement of processes, the reduction of operating times, the control of documentation throughout the company and the centralization of management in a standard way”

Head of Quality Assurance
Head of Quality AssuranceCasa Luker

“An important factor in the tool is the issue of security, which makes it possible to guarantee that the published information is not violated by external persons or users who do not have the required permissions. With the tool, the issue of scalability was won due to the volume of information handled”

Level II Application Analyst
Level II Application AnalystAlpina

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